Let Your Love Bloom with a Spring Vermont Wedding!

Ah! Spring in Vermont! 

As a designer, Spring is like being a kid in a candy store with SO MUCH in bloom. Today, I decided to wander through my gardens and pick a handful of flowering treasures (image above).  Spring brings unfurling ferns waking from a deep sleep (my logo tells you I am a lover of this woodland beauty), an abundance of blossoming branches, cheerful daffodils, colorful and eclectic tulips and an endless list of other flowering bulbs.  My absolute favorite- Lily of the Valley (the beautiful white fairy bells which smell HEAVENLY!).  Lucky for me (and you!), Vermont offers some of the most stellar, organic flower farms; flowers grown with love and leaving little footprint on our beloved mother Earth.  We love supporting our local farms!

Most don't think to get married in the spring in Vermont.  Close your eyes and picture the white winter landscape flood bright green across the valley as it slowly washes up the mountain peaks.  Imagine driving along roadsides lined with apple blossoms and sweet-scented lilacs (Yes please!).  It’s a pretty magical place to be!

Now that you are sold on the landscape and crazy beautiful flowers, I will let you in on a little secret…   

Vermont is one of the top wedding destinations in the United States.  Summer and Fall wedding dates can book out 2 years in advance, and we all know about basic economics- supply & demand.  Spring gives wedding couples an edge for securing their top wedding venue choice and other top wedding professionals who would otherwise be booked solid for Summer and Fall.   Couples are less likely to face mandatory lodging minimums for guests and venues will most likely be more flexible or relaxed with your special requests.  Coming off our slower winter season, wedding professionals are fresh and rested, eager to get back to doing what they love- kind of like getting a cookie fresh out of the oven πŸ˜‰, bonus goodness all around!!   Booking now for 2020- See you in the Spring?