IMAGE OVERLOAD!  Defining your personal Wedding Style

Today’s couples have unlimited access to wedding inspiration right at their fingertips.  One click away to apps like Instagram or Pinterest and you are effortlessly scrolling through endless photos, linking you to blog posts (hi!) and websites, which unfold to more information.  Lugging around stacks of gorgeous wedding magazines is sadly a thing of the past (so much for instant arm toning).

The first question I ask potential clients: “Do you have a Pinterest board?”. This is going to answer a few questions for me right off the bat.  

The couple who answers me with a BIG “YES!” will most likely have their entire Pinterest board categorized into many files from cakes to flowers to honeymoon attire.  Some have even created power point slideshows and spreadsheet (you know who you are!).  They know what they want; they know their style and one of them has been planning this day since preschool (bless their heart).  That was easy!  Let’s get planning! 

Other Pinterest boards I receive have enough ideas for 3 entirely different weddings.  The first inspiration photo they pinned of a sweet pastel wedding spotted on Ruffled Blog, has been buried 40 pins deep by today’s dramatic BOHO tablescape that caught their eye on Instagram.  This can leave may heads spinning from pinning (I couldn’t resist)!  

Most of my potential clients do not have Pinterest boards or any boards, for that matter. They don’t have a set vision but DO know what they don’t like.   While this can be a challenge at the beginning for any designer, it is a fresh canvas when working on a plan.  

So how does one come up with their individual wedding style? Let’s start with YOU, the couple!  

All trends aside.  What are YOU about?  What makes YOU comfortable? 

Defining Style: Look in your closet! Is it colorful with bold patterns & floral or neutral with maybe one added tone?  Then scan your home. Is it filled with metallic, eclectic or conservative?  What home décor catalogs are you drawn to, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Design?   You will see a theme.  It’s what makes YOU feel good.   Your wedding should reflect you, as a couple.    

Defining Mood: How do you like to spend your free time?  Is it preparing dinner with your sweetheart? For some, it is defined with a fresh farm to table menu with only the best that the area has to offer, creating engaging conversation between guests.   

Do you steer towards celebrating at the latest trendy bar with 10 of your closest BFF’s?  This reception may be focused on high energy music with evolving food stations and serious libations!  

Defining Budget: Once we delve in and define your wedding style and mood, we focus on budget.   So, you have fallen in love with the PERFECT Instagram images or Blog post that screams dream wedding, now what?  Remember that many of these images are staged photo shoots and are beyond most couple’s bank accounts and in reality; reality.   We will use these images as tools for everything we discovered about YOU above and build a wedding that fits your budget, your venue and focus.  

So, don’t be afraid to over or underwhelm your wedding designer with images.  We can read between the lines, sense a common theme and help define your true style. We have you covered!